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Amplifying Purpose Together

Positively Impact Communities Where We Live And Work

At OMERS and Oxford, the very core of what we do is driven by a greater purpose, to serve our plan members.

In addition to that core purpose — how we do our work, how we support each other, what we stand for and the ways we show up in the communities where we live and work — are all important drivers of our broader purpose.

Purpose@Work pulls together the purpose-driven activities we are committed to across OMERS and Oxford for stronger impact, heightened intention and a clearer sense of social purpose.

Purpose@Work is a chance for us to amplify the great work we do every day toward creating a great workplace for each other and turn that passion out to the communities we live in.

This platform allows us to rally external audiences to join us in supporting causes we care about.

Together, we will affect positive change!


Welcome to the Purpose@Work Platform!

Welcome to our community engagement portal. Let's collectively affect positive social impact.

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